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Municipal Bonds

No one likes paying taxes. And if you put your money into municipal bonds, you don't have to. When state and local governments look to build bridges, highways, stadiums and a slew of other projects, they sell tax-free muni bonds to raise cash. But muni bonds aren't for everyone. Learn who should buy munis and who is better off with taxable, higher yield securities.

Should I Buy a Muni Bond? Only Your Tax Accountant Knows for Sure
For many investors, the idea of earning tax-free returns makes the purchase of a muni bond seem like a no-brainer. But munis aren't for everyone. Unless you're in the right tax bracket, owning a muni can be a very bad move.

Introduction to Municipal Bonds
Muncipal Bonds 101: The risks and returns, determining whether munis are right for you, types of municipal bonds, how to invest, links, and more.

Municipal Bonds: Historical Calendar Year Returns
Municipal Bond Calendar Year Returns- the year-by-year returns for municipal bonds, with historical context and performance vs. the Barclays Aggregate.

How to Calculate Tax Equivalent Yield: Are Municipal Bonds Right for You?
Knowing how to calculate the tax equivalent yield on municipal bonds is a key element of determining whether munis are right for you. Learn how to calculate the tax equivalent yield, and whether you would be better of in taxable or tax-free bonds.

Choosing a Muni Bond Fund: What to Know, What to Worry About
If taxes are a concern, but you don't have at least $100,000 to invest, you should consider buying a municipal bond fund. These mutual funds offer the same tax-free advantages of municipal bonds while also offering diversification.

Municipal Bond ETFs: Which Muni ETFs are Right for You?
Get the complete, updated list of municipal bond ETFs, sorted by category, along with an overview of each type of ETF. Learn more about the different kinds of municipal bond ETFs, including index funds such as iShares S&P National Municipal Bond Index Fund (MUB), as well as muni ETFs focused on the high-yield, AMT-free, California, and New York...

The Risks of Municipal Bonds
What are the risks of municipal bonds? Learn more about the risks of municipal bonds, and the difference between the risk of individual municipal bonds compared to municipal bond funds and ETFs.

Are High Yield Municipal Bonds Right for You?
High yield municipal bonds offer higher income than investment-grade muni bonds, but they also feature greater risks. Should you own high yield munis in your portfolio?

When is the Best Time to Buy Municipal Bonds?
Municipal bonds experience seasonality associated with the changing supply-and-demand dynamics in the market, leading to consistent monthly performance trends over time. Should investors try to capitalize on municipal bond market seasonality?

When Headline Risk Hits Municipal Bonds, It's Usually a Buying Opportunity
Detroit's bankruptcy has sent money fleeing from municipal bond funds, but throughout history it has paid to buy, not sell, municipal bonds on headline-related weakness.

Municipal Bonds Belong in a Taxable Account, Not an IRA or 401(k)
Holding municipal bonds in a retirement account such as an IRA or a 401(k) makes no sense. Find out how to maximize the tax benefits of munis.

The Muni-Treasury Ratio: Definition and Explanation
Find out what the muni-Treasury ratio is, how it's calculated, and how it can help municipal bond investors hone their strategy.

What are General Obligation Bonds, and What are Revenue Bonds?
Municipal bonds fall into several categories. The most important kinds to know are general obligation bonds and revenue bonds. Find out the difference between general obligation and revenue bonds.

Anticipation Notes, Pre-Refunded Municipal Bonds, and Insured Muni Bonds
Learn the differences between anticipation notes, pre-refunded municipal bonds, and insured municipal bonds. Learn more about these types of municipal bonds and the ETFs that invest in them.

What are Build America Bonds?
Build America Bonds, or BABs, are taxable municipal bonds issued from April, 2009 through December, 2010 as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Learn how Build America Bonds work, and find out how to invest in this unique sector.

What Are Green Bonds?
Green Bond primer: What are green bonds, who issues them, and how can individuals invest in these new securities?

What is Bond Insurance?
When the issuer of a municipal bond wants to assure potential investors that a bond is really and truly safe, it turns to a bond insurer, also known as a monoline insurer. But recent developments in the market have made bond insurance less effective at easing investors' worries.

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