1. Money

Market Neutral Funds Are NOT Cash Substitutes

Market netural funds are often promoted as being "cash substitutes," but they are by no means safe. Find out why money market funds are the better option for preserving principal.

How Many Bond Funds Should You Own?

Do you own too many bond funds? For most investors, it's easy to achieve your objectives with anywhere from one to three bond funds. Find out how to avoid confusing quantity with diversification.

Bonds: Bullet Strategy Definition

What is a bullet strategy in bond investing? Find out the definition of bullet strategy, and how it compares to the laddering and barbell strategies.

Could an Investor Exodus from Bond Funds Cause a Market Crash?

Bond fund liquidity risk: With reduced liquidity in the bond market, what are the odds that a panic by bond fund investors could cause a market crash?

International Dividend ETFs Offer a Unique Opportunity

International dividend ETFs offer higher yields, and possibly higher total return potential than their U.S.-based counterparts, for those who can take on the added risk.

What You Need to Know about Dividend ETFs

Dividend ETFs have a lot to offer, but income investors need to remember that dividend stocks are a risky proposition despite their strong recent returns.

Are U.S. Treasuries a Buy Right Now?

With the Federal Reserve moving closer to raising interest rates, should you buy U.S. Treasuries right now? It depends on whether you're investing via funds or individual bonds.

Should You Invest in the Highest Yielding Bond Funds?

The highest yielding bond funds may provide above-average income, but they also come with above-average risk. Are the highest-yielding bond funds are right for you, or are you better off in a safer investment?

Second Quarter 2014 Bond Market Performance Overview

Second Quarter 2014 Bond Market Returns: see performance data, key events, drivers of outperformance for corporate and high yield bonds, plus a second half outlook.

The Bright Side of U.S. Federal Reserve Rate Hikes

Investors may be worried about the possibility of interest rate increases by the U.S. Federal Reserve, but one group stands to win when rates rise: savers.

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