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Thomas Kenny

Thomas Kenny

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Thomas Kenny is a professional financial writer with 16 years of experience writing articles about the financial markets, investment ideas, and personal finance.


Thomas began his career 16 years ago, helping investors as a phone representative at a major U.S. mutual fund company. Tom subsequently moved to the fixed income trading desk, and then to the marketing department as a Communications Manager. In 2002, Tom co-founded Boston Investor Communications Group, a firm that provides high-quality, customized financial writing and marketing services to mutual fund complexes and other investment industry providers.


Tom has Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Master's of Business Administration, both from Boston College. Tom has also completed the CFP course of study at Boston University.

By Thomas Kenny:

The bond market isn't necessarily the easiest thing for investors to understand, but I believe a step-by-step approach can help my readers make better decisions.

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