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Bond Funds and ETFs


For the majority of individual investors, bond funds and ETFs are the easiest method to build a fixed income portfolio. Learn more about the basics of bond funds, and learn about some issues you may not have considered.
  1. Bond Fund Basics
  2. Bond Mutual Funds: What you Need to Know
  3. Bond ETFs

Bond Fund Basics

For most individual investors, mutual funds are the best way to invest in bonds. Mututal funds provide the benefit of both professional management and a high level of diversification with a single investment – both of which would be very difficult for an individual to achieve on his or her own. However, the decision to invest via bond mutual funds is just the beginning of the process. Learn more about investing in bond funds.

Bond Mutual Funds: What you Need to Know

Even for investors who thoroughly understand the basics of bond funds, there are other important issues to consider.

Bond ETFs

Exchange-traded funds are an increasingly popular option since they are a low-fee option that can provide exposure to virtually any area of the bond market. Learn more about bond ETFs.

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