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Bond Market Data Resources


If you’re looking for stock market data and statistics, there’s almost no limit to the number of websites that provide this information. But if you need bond market data, you have to do a little more digging. With that in mind, here are some of the best free resources on the web for current and historical bond market data:

Current yields on U.S. Treasuries

For up-to-date market data, an excellent resource is the bond market data center at Bloomberg.com.

Current yields on TIPS

The U.S. Treasury website shows the current yields for TIPS of various maturities.

Current yields on corporate and municipal bonds

Yahoo! Finance offers this page showing yields - broken out maturity date and credit quality - for municipals and corporates.

Historical daily yields for U.S. Treasuries and TIPS

To get historical yields on government bonds that dates back to inception for TIPS and the early 1960s for Treasuries, among many other data series, the U.S. Federal Reserve website is a treasure trove of useful information.

Historical yield charts for U.S. Treasuries

Where do yields stand now versus the past? Find out here.

Quotes for Treasuries of all maturities

The Wall Street Journal offers this free page to the public that shows the prices and yields of every U.S. Treasury issue, not just the benchmark issue that represents each maturity as most sites do.

Current duration of U.S. Treasuries by maturity

For the current yield, 52-week high and low yields, along with the durations and total returns for Treasury issues of varying maturities, see Treasury data center offered by the Wall Street Journal.

Size of the United States’ debt, updated daily

It’s not pretty, but up-to-fate information on the U.S. debt – together with historical data – is available via the calculator “U.S. debt to the penny” from TreasuryDirect.com.

Current and historic U.S. inflation data

See this link at usinflationcalculator.com.

Historical data for the fed funds rate

If you want to see historical information on the U.S. Federal Reserve’s interest rate policies, the Fed website is an excellent resource.

Municipal Bond Pricing, Yield, and Issuer Data

This information, and more, can be found at Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA).

Bond market issuance, size, volume, and mutual fund flows

See the statistics page on the SIMFA website.

Bond fund category returns

Morningstar tracks the historical returns of all mutual fund categories here.

Returns and yields for key bond benchmarks

Learn what sectors of the bond market have provided the best recent and historical performance at this free resource from the Wall Street Journal.

Year-by-Year total returns for Treasuries, munis, corporates, high yield, and international bonds

This information, plus the best performing bond market categories and the historical returns of bonds vs. stocks can all be found here.

Historic yield charts, investment grade corporate and high yield bonds

How competitive are yields today versus history? View the chart for corporate bonds here and high yield bonds here.

Historic yield spreads, investment grade corporate and high yield bonds

Find our historical and current yield spreads for investment grade corporate bonds here and high yield bonds here.

Historic yield spreads, municipal bonds vs. Treasuries

The three-month, 12-month, and five-year spread chart can be viewed here.

Yields, developed and emerging market bonds by country

Barron’s tracks the yields on 27 countries, plus the J.P. Morgan Emerging Markets Bond-plus (EMBI+) Index and the J.P. Morgan Government Bond Index here.

Yield spreads on global government bond markets

Find out what global government bond markets are offering the best yields over U.S. Treasuries at the Financial Times website.

General economic data

Just about any piece of economic data an investor would need is available at the St. Louis Federal Reserve’s database, which goes by the acronym “FRED”.

Is there a website you use for bond investing that you don’t see listed here? E-mail me at bonds@aboutguide.com and I’ll add it to the list.

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