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Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS)

Learn the most important conderations regarding Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS), including how to determine whether TIPS are right for you, how to use TIPS calculate inflation expectations, the risks of the asset class, and the difference between TIPS funds and individual securities.

How do TIPS Work?
Find out how TIPS pay interest, the mechanices of TIPS' principal adjustment, and the potential risks of investing in TIPS.

How to Use TIPS to Calculate Inflation Expectations
Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) can be used to calculate inflation expectations using some very simple math. Find out how to comparing TIPS and U.S. Treasuries can tell you where the market sees future inflation.

Are TIPS Safe? The Risks of TIPS and TIPS ETFs
Individual TIPS may be free of credit risk, but TIPS mutual funds and ETFs are highly vulnerable to rising interest rates. As a result, TIPS funds may not provide as much inflation protection as investors may expect.

Why are TIPS Yields Negative?
Find out why TIPS yields are negative, what this tells us about the economy, and why investors are continuing to buy TIPS despite their negative yield.

Series I Savings Bonds: an Alternative to TIPS
Investors who are looking for inflation protection can choose either Series I savings bonds or TIPS. Which is better for you?

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