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U.S. Federal Reserve policy - Bonds - About.com
The Fed's Current Policy – Updated November 2014. The Federal Reserve fulfills a wide range of functions in the U.S. economy, but the aspect of its role that ...
What is Quantitative Easing? - Bonds - About.com
The Basics of Quantitative Easing. The U.S. Federal Reserve (“the Fed”) plays an increasingly active role in the performance of the economy and financial ...
Fed Tapering and Its Impact on the Markets - Bonds - About.com
A definition of Fed tapering. Find out why the U.S. Federal Reserve is tapering its quantitative easing (QE) policy, what "tapering" means, and impact the ...
The History and Purpose of the U.S. Federal Reserve
The early days before the founding of the U.S. Federal Reserve underscore the importance of the Fed's creation to regulate the banking industry.
The Federal Reserve Banking System and How It ... - US Economy
The Federal Reserve System is America's central bank. It prevents inflation and reduces unemployment using monetary policy. Here's how it works.
What Is the Federal Reserve Requirement? - US Economy - About ...
Aug 9, 2014 ... The Federal Reserve requires that banks only keep $1 out of each $10 you deposit on hand each night. Here's why this is not only legal, but ...
Federal Reserve Printing Money - US Economy - About.com
Nov 10, 2014 ... Is the Federal Reserve really printing money? Its ability to create credit out of thin air has the exact same effect, and it could cause inflation.
Current Federal Reserve Interest Rates - US Economy - About.com
The Fed lowered the current Federal Reserve interest rate to near zero on December 16 2008, and signals it intends to keep it there until 2015.
Federal Reserve Tools and How They Work - US Economy - About ...
Dec 4, 2014 ... The Fed funds rate is perhaps the most well-known Federal Reserve tool. However, the U.S. central bank has many more monetary policy tools, ...
What Is Quantitative Easing: Defined and Explained - US Economy
In 2008, the Federal Reserve launched Quantitative Easing by purchasing U.S. Treasury notes and mortgage-backed securities (MBS). In return, it issued credit ...
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