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Investing in International Government Bonds - About.com
International government bonds - available through mutual funds and ETFs - don' t necessarily have the highest yields, but they provide diversification as well as ...
Types of Government Bonds (Treasury Bills, Notes, and Bonds)
Find out the differences among the three types of government bonds: Treasury bills, Treasury notes, and Treasury bonds.
How Safe are U.S. Treasuries? - Bonds - About.com
Despite concerns about the United States' fiscal health, U.S. government bonds are seen as being among the world's safest in terms of the likelihood that their ...
Treasury Direct: Easiest Way to Invest in U.S. Bonds - About.com
TreasuryDirect is one of the best resources for investors who want to purchase U.S. government bonds, or who simply want to learn more about how the ...
US Government and Agency Bonds: Investing in Federal - About.com
Here's where you'll learn how to invest in government and agency securities, including U.S. Savings Bonds, Treasuries (bonds, notes, bills and TIPS) and the ...
U.S. Companies Rated AAA, Higher Than Government Bonds
The highest credit rating, AAA, is typically reserved for government bonds, but threer U.S. corporations are also assigned this gold standard of good credit: ...
Are Treasuries the Safest Investment? - Bonds - About.com
If you're primary goal in investing is to not lose money, consider buying U.S. government debt. Treasuries are backed by the.
How Bonds Affect the U.S. Economy - About.com
In other words, bonds affect everything in the economy. Here's how. Treasury bonds impact the economy by providing extra spending money for the government ...
Intermediate, or Long-Term - Bonds - About.com
Short-term bonds tend to have low risk and low yields, while longer-term bonds ... and long-term bonds within the government, municipal, and corporate bond ...
Lowest Risk Bonds: What Types of Bonds Are the Safest? - About.com
Savings bonds – These are the safest investment there is, since they're backed by the government, and they're guaranteed not to lose principal. They don't offer ...
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